Seadragon Enables Smooth Image Browsing

Seadragon service enables web experience to browse graphics and images very smoothly regardless of the amount of data or the bandwidth and network traffic. Using Seadragon service you can make your photo album, photo sharing ...etc online without writing single line of code. First you need have your images host on the Internet and valid URLs for them. Then simply submit those image URLs to site.

Here is the example work I did. Click here

You can see that the original image host in this blog site. I have given the URL of that image to and create my album. If you load the original image and Seadragon album you can see that how smoothly you can browse images using Seadragon. Also if you need to embed the Seadragon album into your page you can generate embedded code for your created album.

You can also create a Seadragon experience using either Silverlight (with Deep Zoom) or JavaScript (with Seadragon Ajax). Either way, you'll want to know how to create Seadragon content.


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