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Spring Boot for Beginners

   What is Spring Boot Spring boot build on top of the Spring framework. There is no requirement on having lot of configurations when you use Spring Boot. Its use It uses convention over configuration software design paradigm. Therefore, it reduces lot of effort of developers. What you need in your computer Java 1.8 Maven 3.0+ Spring Framework 5.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT An IDE (Spring Tool Suite) is recommended. Why you choose spring Boot as your development framework. Spring Boot is a framework which provide default configurations and annotation that you can create project simply. Reduce development time and increase the productivity. Very easy to integrate with Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, Spring Security etc. It provides Embedded HTTP servers like Tomcat, Jetty etc. to develop and test our web applications very easily. Its provide lot of plugins to implement various features.   Spring Boot Features Web Development We can eas

Adding styles to your Angular App

    How to set up Angular environment                  How to create Angular project                  How to generate component and define routings in Angular Let’s make our app little bit interactive. You can put all your common style of your application to style.css file which applies globally. Copy and paste below code in your style.css file /* You can add global styles to this file, and also import other style files */ @import url(',700&display=swap'); $primary: rgb(216, 172, 78); body {     margin: 0;     font-family: 'Nunito', 'sans-serif';     font-size: 18px; } .container {     width: 80%;     margin: 0 auto; }

How to generate component and define routings in Angular

  Things we learned so far How to set up environment             How to create Angular project   Today we will understand how you can create component using Angular CLI and how you can define routing to each component. You can run below command to generate the component using Angular CLI CD <<folder where you want to have the component>>   Run  ng g c <<component name>>     ng g c <<component name>> Angular CLI will create for files and also update the app.module.ts file by adding new entry to the import section. Next we will create the component for home page.

Create Your First Angular Application - My Flower Store

  Last tutorial you have learned how to set up your environment to work with Angular. In this tutorial you will learn how create your first Angular application. Steps to create the Angular Project Open command prompt  Run  ng new << your app name>> Once you run the above command it will ask you to select the type of css that you need to use. Then Angular CLI will install necessary npm packages and other dependencies. ng new my-flower-store command Within a minute or two CLI will create the project with all the necessary features that you can run your app. Initial app contains A new workspace, with a root folder named  my-flower-store (project name you gave with ng new command) An initial skeleton app project, also called  my-flower-store An end-to-end test project (in the e2e subfolder). Related configuration files.

Setting up the react native development environment

  This tutorial I am going to focus on how to install and build your first React Native application. There are two methods you can follow to develop React Native app. If you are very new to mobile development and not familiar with setting up mobile development environment, I would suggest to start with Expo CLI. Expo is a set of tools to build React Native application. It has may features; you have to select suitable features to develop your app in minutes. You need only a recent version of Node.js and a phone or emulator. If you want to test your React Native application on your web browser before installing any tools, you may use Snack.   If you are familiar mobile developer from other languages and want to try out React Native, you may try out React Native CLI. For that you need to install either Xcode for iOS or Android Studio for Android OS.   If you are a beginner, my personal suggestion is to go for Expo CLI and familiar with the React Native features and concepts. Act

Introduction to Angular

Google release AngularJS in year 2010. It got popular immediately because it made static HTML interactive. However, with other latest web development technologies developers started to see drawbacks of AngularJS. Google then start to rewrite framework again and decided to shift from Java Script to Type Script. Type Script is helpful to avoid drawback of AngularJS Angular 2 was then introduced in 2016 and it evolves up to Angular 9. How to install Angular To setting up the angular framework you need  1. Node To install node go to official site of node to download the version you need ( nodejs ) Run the downloaded Node.js .msi Installer  If you want to know the node version installed in your computer run following command  node -v

Android: How to launch android emulator from command line or batch script?

Many Windows based Android developers are facing difficulties in running Android Studio on Windows machines due to lack of performance issues. But if you are developing mobile application using language like React Native you don’t actually need to work on Android Studio. But most of the time you have to use Android Emulators to test your application. If your windows machine does not have at least 16 GB of RAM you always face severe performance issue while running Android Emulators.   One solution to this issue is you can use your mobile phone to test react native application without running on Android Emulators. For that you only need to run Metro server on your PC and test application run on your mobile phone. But this method has drawbacks you have only one platform to test your application. If you want to test your application on multiple platforms you have to use several Emulators with different Android versions and architectures.   Another solution is without load your Andr

React Native for Beginners

We can make native portable mobile applications utilizing JavaScript and React. It utilizes React to make a rich versatile UI interface.  Presently, the inquiry strikes a chord, who's utilizing React Native? According to the official site, a huge number of applications are utilizing React Native from set up fortune 500 to up and coming new businesses. A portion of the well known applications that are utilizing React Native incorporate Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Pinterest, Uber, Skype and so on  Prior to beginning, it's suggested that you have the essential information on JavaScript and React so you can comprehend the React Native applications.  Setting up the Environment To begin, we need the underneath application introduced in the framework.  NodeJS and NPM   Python Java SE Advancement Pack (JDK)   Android SDK, Android Virtual Gadgets  Visual Studio Code