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Spring Boot for Beginners

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What is Spring Boot

Spring boot build on top of the Spring framework. There is no requirement on having lot of configurations when you use Spring Boot. Its use It uses convention over configuration software design paradigm. Therefore, it reduces lot of effort of developers.

What you need in your computer

  • Java 1.8
  • Maven 3.0+
  • Spring Framework 5.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT
  • An IDE (Spring Tool Suite) is recommended.

Why you choose spring Boot as your development framework.

  1. Spring Boot is a framework which provide default configurations and annotation that you can create project simply.
  2. Reduce development time and increase the productivity.
  3. Very easy to integrate with Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, Spring Security etc.
  4. It provides Embedded HTTP servers like Tomcat, Jetty etc. to develop and test our web applications very easily.
  5. Its provide lot of plugins to implement various features.


Spring Boot Features

  • Web Development

We can easily create web html application with embed servers like tomcat and jetty. We can use the spring-boot-starter-web module to start and run the application quickly.

  • SpringApplication

It is a class which help to bootstrap the spring applications

public static void main(String[] args)
{, args);
  • Application events and listeners

Spring Boot uses events to handle the variety of tasks. It allows us to create factories file that is used to add listeners

  • Admin features

By using spring.application.admin.enabled property you can enable admin features.

  • Externalized Configuration

The application uses YAML files to externalize configuration. With this feature we can support our app to run in multiple different environments.

  • Properties Files

Springboot user application property file where we can define server port and any other properties that you can change externally

  • YAML Support

It is an alternative for the property file and spring boot application support it by default.

  • Logging

It is providing common logging for all the internal login.

  • Security
Spring Boot has separate security framework which you can use to authenticate and authorize users.
Spring Boot security framework

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