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How to use Angular HttpClient and RxJS to consume REST API

Today I am going to discuss how you can interact with REST API services to load and manage data.  Prerequisites Before getting started, you need to have the below software installed on your development machine: • Node.js and npm. You can install both of them from the Node.js • Angular CLI  (You can install it from npm using: npm install -g @angular/cli) Frontend applications needs to call backend services over http/https protocol to manage dynamic data. Best place to access data from backend APIs are service component. Once you defined your service class you can inject it in to component or another service to use the service methods.  Angular Related Articles: 1.  How to set up Angular environment 2.  How to create Angular project 3.  How to generate component and define routings in Angular 4.  Adding styles to your Angular App 5.  Angular NgFor directive and trackby 6.  Getting Started With PrimeNG Styling in Angular App 7.  PrimeNG UI Components For Angular Application 8.  Angula