Save Millions Of Dollars, Don't Pay For Graphic Tools

Are you a graphic designer, web designer or digital artists who is paying back most of your income for software tools that you are using for your creations? What will be your net income if you could save money that you are paying for those software tools? Yes, there are tons of free tools that you can use as alternative graphic software tool. Some of the free tools having rich set of functions than commercial tools, but most of the people are having lack of knowledge about them and their features. So, I decided to introduce few of them that I am using for my creations without paying any dollar for any company. That means cost for my creations are negligible and income is really high.

Tools that you need to do any kind of graphical creation such as photo editing, painting, animation, image processing, video processing etc can be found in free and open source world. Some people think that free tool are not well developed, not very user friendly, no help or support etc, but according to my experience this is not 100% accurate. Sometime you might face some difficulties, but millions of people are to help and guide you since they don't expect any return from you. I am also doing same thing here and if you have any question you can post under comments section and I will attend to it to help you. So try and feel the different of free software and how you can save you income.

Today I am going to introduce a nice photo editing graphical tool that can be easily used to replace software like Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is rich photo editing tool that most of the artists are using around the world but the fact is high cost. GIMP is a free tool that you can be used similar as photoshop but 100% free of charge. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This tool is also widely used around world for photo editing and graphic designing purposes.

You can be download GIMP from here.

GIMP is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. The user interface of the tool has been designed in a way that new users can easily start work with and experienced photoshop users are also will quickly dive into it.

Fig 1: Loading GIMP 2.6
GIMP user interface has few major sections; drawing area, toolbox, layers window, channels window, history window, navigation area, paint brushes and settings section. Drawing area is used to design your creation, toolbox is having all required tools, navigation section can be used to navigate on entire creation if the image is larger than the drawing window. Other sections are mainly used as supporting windows for rich functionalities of the tool.
Fig 2: GIMP User Interface

Try all the tools in the toolbox and get familiar with the tools and their functionalities to become GIMP guru. It is very important to be very familiar with tools and filters of the tool. You can change the default settings of any tool or filter to perform millions of functionalities using this tool.
Fig 3: GIMP Toolbox
Filters are the next section that you need consider more. By looking at the filters list you might not get proper understanding of the importance of them. But once you familiar with them filters are really critical to finish the quality work. GIMP is having very rich set of filters by changing their default configuration you will have millions of effects.

Fig 4: GIMP Filters
It is really important to familliar with these filters to take maximum usage of them.
If you have any further questions you may post them under comments section.

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