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DB2 is one of the most popular Database Management System developed by IBM. DB2 is heavily used in various high end applications around the world on mainly AS400 platform. High security, higher performance, easy maintenance and backup/recovery procedure of DB2 are key factors to lead the industry. Even though DB2 is very powerful database management system, it was not very user friendly at early stages. Basically console based programming was required. Most of the users came from Microsoft Windows operating system background don't like to work on console and write everything manually. They always expect some graphical tool to make easy their work. IBM iSeries Navigator full fill this gap effectively and nowadays iSeries Navigator is heavily used desing and program database. Work with iSeries navigator is realy simple as work with Microsoft SQL server UI. iSeries Navigator is client tool that is allowed to work with your DB2 database remotely from your PC. Installing iSeries Navigator is really simple on Microsoft Windows operating system.
You can find iSeries Navigator from "Start -> IBM iSeries Access for Windows -> iSeries Navigator".
Fig 1: Open iSeries Navigator

iSeries Navigator is stand alone windows application which will facilitate almost all the services that can perform in DB2. This is very rich tool but most of the people are still not used effectively.

Fig 2: iSeries Navigator UI

iSeries Navigator main UI containts four major sections and a menu bar. Menu bar is not a complex one and any person can easily work with. Top left hand corner section called "Environment" section and it list down all the entities and services that you can use based on your permission level. Top right hand corner section shows the details for the selected entity of the environment section. "My Tasks" section list down all the possible tasks that can perform at DB2 server level. This list is not unique for all users and will vary based on the permission level that user have. "Environment Tasks" section list down all the task that can perform for the selected environment in environment section.

Common functions listing that can perform using iSeries Navigator is as follows:

  • Design and Create Databases
  • Create Database Schemes
  • Create Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Indexes, Triggers and Journals
  • Create Users, User Groups and manage them
  • Manage Security
  • Basic Operations such as Messages, Printer Output, Printers and Jobs
  • Work Management - Manage Jobs, Queues, Subsystems and Memory Pools
  • Network Configuration
  • File System
  • Backup Policies
  • Application Developments

Will discuss one by one further in future articles.

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