Create Self-Signed Certificates in IIS

While you have freedom to use security certificate from third part organization, for simple applications you can use self-signed certificates in IIS. With self-signed security certificates there is no third party is involved for certification or validation process. You can generate self-signed certificate in IIS (Internet Information Services) Manager and use the same for your HTTPS enabled or secure site. Open IIS Manager browsing Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager or run "inetmgr" command. Click on "Server Certificates" icon in middle pane of IIS manager.

Fig 1: Server Certificates Icon
Click on "Self-Signed Certificate" link in Actions pane.

Fig 2: Server Certificate Pane

Specify the friendly name for your certificate in "Create Self-Signed Certificate" window and click Ok.

Fig 3: Create Self-Signed Certificate
Finally you can bind the generated self-signed certificate to your secure SSL site by using "Bindings" link in actions pane for a selected web site.

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  1. Great. It worked well for me. I tried to create self signed certificates. And it worked great for me. Thank you!
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