When Submit A Post To Pligg Site I Am Getting "Wrong Step" Error

Recently I noticed that my Pligg social bookmarking site does not get any new post from the community. Then I try to submit a post to the site and on the second step of the article submission page I got the error "Wrong Step". I was really confused and try to figure out the issue. When I search on the web, I found few answers and none of the solutions were addressed my issue. Some of the reasons that the support forums were discussed are:

1. "Wrong Step" error might occur due to new template you use for your pligg site.
2. Configuration changes, basically f_open() function configuration. Most of the time this could happen when your hosting company upgrade their servers or change the security configuration of their servers.

But none of the solution addressed my pligg site issue. So I checked everything from the scratch and found that my hosting server capacity has reached. This has happened due to cache log files were very large. I clean all the cache log files and made some free space on my server location. That solved my issue.

Why I thought of sharing this information is, even though this is very simple solution, I saw that many users found it difficult to solve this issue. So I thought so sharing this solution as well. But this will not work for everyone, this is again a one solution. If you further experience similar situation you may share here so that I can looking to it.

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