Overview of Technology State

Role of power electronics and drivers

  • Power controlling using electronics consider here
  • Signal controlling is consider about controlling information
Power electronics is about control of power electronically. Range of power can extend from some fraction of watt to several mega watts (MW). Drives are about the control of mechanical motion. It can be a linear motion, rotary motion or their combination. There is a greater compatibility between power electronics and drives as the former can provide smart control of power for the drives. This is evident from the varieties of fascinating motion control systems we find today.

There are several terms used in the context f motion control.
  • Motion control systems
  • Mechatronic systems
  • Drive systems
  • Adjustable speed drive systems
  • Servo drive systems
Motion control system is the name used in west (Europe) to represent the low power drives (Computer pheripherals, home appliances...etc) upto several KW. Mechatronics system is the name used in the east (Japan) for the same, that is the low power drives. Drive system is the name that represent drives of the entire sprectum of power. Adjustable speed control system is the name reserved for the sub category whose steady-state performance only is emphasize. Servo drives in the name reserved for another sub category whose both the transient and the steady-state performance are empasized.

Automation is a multidisiplinary technology that integrates the knowledge of diverse areas such as instrumentation, remote sensing, advance control, data processing, computer technology, microelectronics, mechanics process system, motion control and many more. Motion control is one of the thrust areas that propells automation industry hard.

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