Restrict A Website for specific IP address on IIS 7.0

Generally websites are open for public users. Public websites can be accessed from any PC connected to the Internet whereas someother sites request to authenticate the user to provide service. Within a public domain there might have secured sites such as HTTPS enabled sites, VPN etc. Apart from these categories you can restrict your website to be browsed only from specific PCs only. IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions feature in IIS can be used to deny or allow access to specific IP address or IP address range.

Fig 1: IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions

In Actions pane you are allowed specify the allowed entries and denied entries. There you can specify one IP address or range of IP addresses. If you are specify the Allow Entry and Deny Entry both for one website, you need to make sure that the IP address ranges are not conflict with each other.

Fig 2: Add Allow Restriction Rule

Fig 3: Add Deny Restriction Rule

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