HTTP Redirect in IIS 7.0

Using your domain name or DNS (Domain Name Server) entry you can redirect your users to the web server that the website is hosted on. But if you have several websites in one server or several application in one website the users might need to specify the exact location of the page that they need to browse. This is not very cleared design since most of the users are willing to type less on the address bar and browse what they want. You can use HTTP Redirect feature in IIS Manager (Internet Informations Services Manager) to overcome this problem. Your domain name or DNS entry will push your users into the webserver and from there you can redirect them to the specify location or page by using HTTP Redirect feature. There you need to specify the destination that need to redirect.

Fig 1: HTTP Redirect in IIS 7.0

"Redirect requests to this destination" text box can be used to specifyt the destination of the redirection. Once you specify the destination url click on "Apply" link in Actions pane to save the settings.

Apache web server is support to IP based redirection that allowed you to specify diffent IP for the diffirent website in the web server and DNS can redirect based on the IPs of the websites. But so far IIS web server doesn't support for this featrue. So that you might need to use this featrue to redirect your users to exact location.

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