MS-PowerPoint as a great movie maker

To make a great video for your YouTube channel is a great challenge for many people. There are many video cameras and video editor available to facilitate make great movies. But to use them and create good quality video is big challenge for many people, most of them don't have required knowledge to use those tools. Today I am going to show you how to make good quality video for your YouTube channel having very minimum knowledge on video cameras and video editing.

There are many simple and free video editing tools which there require some knowledge on video editing, color grading, special effects...etc. But as a beginner you can easily use Microsoft PowerPoint as a great tool to make videos or animations. PowerPoint is a relatively simple tool but if you use it properly it gives many tools to create high quality features rich video.

Above video fully composed using MS-PowerPoint using its provided tools. Pictures tool, Online Pictures tool, Remove Background tool, Corrections tool, Color tool and Animation tools used to create above video. Finally Export to Internet Quality HD (1280 * 720) video.

Pictures and Online Pictures tool can be easily used to import images to PowerPoint. You don't need to have all pictures and images to create your video rather you can use Online Pictures tools to search them online easily.

Remove Background tool use to remove unwanted details from the selected images. If you want to create individual object animation you may easily remove background from the image and extract only the character to animate.
Next powerful tool is animation tool which gives you many more option to create great video. Motion Paths tools can be used to animate individual object such as character animation.
In above video all motion animation done using Motion Paths tools. Other movements created using Emphasis Animation tools.

Finally export your creation into Internet Quality HD (1280 * 720) video.

Try yourself and make good quality videos easily with less effort.

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